HR (Human Resources)
  • HR strategy is supporting to the Business Strategy.
  • Trion Synergy is Online HR System and it can be provide effectiveness of HR work flow system.
  • Trion Synergy is reduce the tasks of HR & Other Employee’s tasks and safe the Time.
  • It manages the entire information of employee from the time of they are recruited and till the time of they leave the company.
PaySysPro ( Employee Attendance and Payroll System )
  • PaySysPro is a system which designed for Employee Attendance and Payroll process.
  • Its modules and features provide to flexible the many form of payroll process in every business.
  • It can integrate with multiple fingerprint device or other attendance recording devices.
TAcc ( Accounting System )
  • TAcc Accounting System is one of the best products of TRION.
  • It has several modules and features to empower the accounting and inventory processes for many kinds of business areas.
  • It also provides functionalities and reports to operation and management activities of supermarket, wholesales, retail sales, manufacturing, servicing, hospitality etc.
TrionPOS ( Points of Sales)
  • TrionPOS is Point Of Sales system which can use any kind of retail business.
  • It can also integrate with TAcc Accounting system.
  • TrionPOS provides essential features for a POS counter to perform better services for your customers.
  • Business types such as supermarket, departmental stores, fashion shops, electronic stores etc, are running TrionPOS to provide their operation smoothness and great customer care.
Restaurer ( Restaurant Point Of Sales System )
  • Restaurer is a Restaurant Point of Sales System which can use in many restaurant types.
  • It can also integrate with TAcc and Hotellery.
  • Restaurer provide essential features for a restaurant counter to perform better services for your customers.
Website Development
  • Trion’s website development is leading to web design and business website development.
  • It’s designed to give your business information to your customers.
  • Its services include website graphical design, content management systems, custom website design, database applications, hosting, maintenance and more.