TAcc   ( Accounting System )

TAcc Accounting System is one of the best products of TRION. It has several modules and features to empower the accounting and inventory processes for many kinds of business areas.It also provides functionalities and reports to operation and management activities of supermarket, wholesales, retail sales, manufacturing, servicing, hospitality etc.

Modules of TAcc

General Ledger »

  • Journal Entry
  • Account setup
  • Chart Of Account
  • Financial statements

Cash book processing »

  • Cash book Payment and Receipt
  • Revenue and Expenses
  • Cash book transfer or currency conversion
  • Cash book Ledger

Sales Order Processing (SOP) »

  • Sales Orders (SO)
  • Delivery Orders (DO)
  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Return
  • Customer Ledgers or Account Receivables

Purchase Order Processing (POP) »

  • Purchase Orders (PO)
  • Good Receive Notes (GRN)
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Purchase return
  • Vendor Ledgers or Account Payables

Inventory processing »

  • Item maintenance
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Damage Entry
  • Stock Issue Entry
  • Stock Receive or GRN
  • Inventory Transfer
  • Production
  • Stock Ledgers
  • Stock Ledger Integrity check

Operation & Management reports »

  • Several hundred of report provide for operation and management

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