PaySysPro ( Employee Attendance and Payroll System )

PaySysPro is a system which designed for Employee Attendance and Payroll process.Its modules and features provide to flexible the many form of payroll process in every business.It can integrate with multiple fingerprint device or other attendance recording devices.

Modules of PaySysPro

Employee Attendance »

  • Attendance Record
  • Overtime Record
  • Services Day
  • Promotion Record
  • Leave Record
  • Relieving  Record
  • Absent Record
  • Early and Late Duty Record

Employee timetable or schedule »

  • Timetable list
  • Duty Shift Process
  • Edit Attendance log with user control
  • Attendance calculation

Payroll calculation »   

  • Customized Formula for Pay Scheme Type
  • Full-time staff
  • Part-time staff/ Daily worker

Payroll reports

  • Monthly Payment Total Report
  • Full Attendance Report
  • Attendance History Report
  • Leave History Report
  • Overtime History Report
  • Absent History Report
  • Off Days Report

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